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About Lean4U

Florence Meunier

Florence Meunier

Founder of Lean4U

Why Lean4U

You are so complicated to do business with!” – How many times inside out have you heard this? This is a fact, the vast majority of companies - either small, medium or large, still struggle today with simplicity. In other terms, companies lack of this agility and flexibility required to give the customer a good reason to come back and enhance customer advocacy.


Lean4U was born with the intention of truly driving simplicity.

Who we are

Created in 2017 by Florence Meunier, Coaching & Mentoring, Process Optimization, and Training programmes Design and Delivery. Those activities are promoted through the website

We rely on an extended and global network of multi languages certified coaches and facilitators / moderators (100+ worldwide), who bring 20+ years of experience in multinationals and SMBs (Small and Medium Businesses) from all sectors in areas such as Customer Service, Sales Operations, Sales, Supply Chain and Logistics, Processes Excellence, and Strategy.

What we believe in

“Small steps, big returns, ...” – It’s not about making big changes, it’s about taking actions driving results, every day.

... with the right talent" – A successful application of Lean starts by understanding that improving methods does not mean that people will automatically alter their attitude towards change. This requires to develop the right talent on your team to accept changes positively.

What we are passionate about

Simplicity! Hence our Lean mindset applied in all our different activities. We are also in love with anything that make people feel good and perform at their maximum potential. The portfolio of our services is no coincidence.

What we are aiming to

Our reward is to know that we helped you make it happen in meeting your business objectives and in the creation of a work environment satisfactory, enriching and rewarding.

What our targeted audience is

Our targeted audience means any support functions - or "office-based functions" of any small, medium and large organization. The markets served are Learning and Development, Education and Training and Business Management & Leadership in any sector or industry. One of our strengths is our flexibility and adaptability to the different businesses in terms of size, culture, sector, and activities.

Basically anyone who understands why creating a great workplace matters and is willing to learn how!

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