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Coaching - GROW MODEL
Questions for a career development conversation


  • How would you define your career aspirations?

  • What roles would you be interested in having in 10 years? 5 years? 3 years? Next year?

  • Why is it so important for you?

  • What is the meaning for you once you accomplish your career goal?

  • When you achieve your goal, what will you see, hear, feel?

  • What is the definition of a successful career for you?

  • What experiences / knowledge do you need to have? By when?

  • What competencies do you need to have? By when?

  • What would make your work more meaningful to you?


Section I - Experience & Strengths​

  • How would you describe your progress in your career thus far?

  • What are the most important skills you've learned so far? Why?

  • What have been the most impactful experiences you've had so far? Why?

  • What are your unique experiences or capabilities?

  • What do you do really well?

  • What are you recognized or rewarded for most often?

  • Which of your accomplishments are you proudest of?

  • For what do most people come to you for help?

Confidence is like your bank account
The art of asking questions

Section II - Interests & Personal Drives

  • What is your favorite part of your current role? Your least favorite?

  • What have you always loved doing? What job opportunities are you passionate about?

  • What is the one task or type of project you would like to do more frequently in future roles? Less frequently? What do you value most in terms of your career (e.g. autonomy, recognition, worklife balance, management, collaboration, independence, prestige, diverse nature of work, influence, compensation, interpersonal relationships)?

  • What drives you - are you more creative or concrete in your mindset, outcomes or process focused, compensation or altruistic focused, etc.?

  • What sort of lifestyle would you like to have?

  • What non-work goals and priorities may influence your career decisions? In what ways?

Section III - Environment / Organization Opportunity

  • Which parts of our business, organization, or industry do you find most interesting? Why?

  • If you weren't in this role, what other role do you think would be a good fit for you? Why?

  • Who is a key person to helping you achieve your career goals? How will they help you?

  • What are the potential obstacles to achieving your goal?

Section IV - Gap defined

  • What experiences or capabilities do you lack that people on a similar career path have?

  • What do others perceive as your greatest weaknesses?

  • What development gaps do you need to address before you can pursue your career goals?

  • What other experiences do you need to have in order to accomplish your career goals (e.g. experiences in different functions, geographies, industries)?

  • What sort of additional education or certifications do you need in or order to reach your career goals?

  • How well do your career goals align with your current development opportunities?


  • What kind of options exist to address these career goals?

  • What activities would help you get closer to the achieving these goals?

  • What performance changes will you see in the next six months? Next one year?

  • What else could you do? What haven't you tried yet?

  • Imagine there were no obstacles, constraints or limitations, what could you do to try to move closer to your career goal?

  • Are any of those options feasible to implement'

  • For the options we have identified, what are some of the advantages and disadvantages of each? What are the short-term and long-term implications of each option?

  • I could think of some more ideas on this topic. Do you want to hear them?

  • Will these activities really help achieve the goal we discussed earlier?

Difference between coaching and mentoring


  • What do you do now to best position yourself for the next role?

  • What will you do now? Which options will you choose?

  • What is your action plan?

  • Will you achieve your aim with this option?

  • What is your first step?

  • When will you do it (when will you begin)?

  • Which obstacles may you meet on your way?

  • How will you overcome these obstacles?

  • Who should know about it?

  • What help do you need?

  • Where and how will you get this support?

  • Please rate on a scale from 1 to 10 if you will stick to it.

  • How sure are you that you will really implement this option to achieve the goal?

It takes more than good fortune to grasp your true potential
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