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Measuring training progress: Training Checkpoints

This tool is used as part of a training program within a business environment. 


It should be used both for new people when on-boarding during their first weeks, as well as for ad-hoc training sessions.

It provides a framework for ensuring training topics have been understood, and to cover and gaps for improvement, either in respect of the trainer or materials and content. 
It is also measurable and provides an annual overview of what sessions have been held, if improvements have been made through repeated sessions, and to identify further knowledge gaps and new areas for improvement through their feedback.
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  1. The form should be distributed daily, toward the end of each session

  2. Give each trainee 10 minutes to complete the form, and the option to complete it anonymously if they prefer

  3. Place completed forms in a box or tray which should be placed near the door

  4. Collate all comments, review, and create an overview chart of consolidated progress, and list any individual questions and comments, without using the individuals name

  5. At the next session, open with the consolidated feedback, before starting the usual introduction and agenda for the day/session

  6. If there are any specific questions which are unclear, you may ask who in the group asked and if they would like to come forward to explain in more detail.


Using these forms ensure your training sessions are running as designed and to continuously improve the processes. 

Note that in a virtual environment, there are online tools that allow to ask the participants for their feedback in an anonymous way. As a trainer, you might want to spare a few minutes before the end of the training session and ask the participants to give their feedback through one of those tools (e.g.,, etc.)

Here is a sample view of how a Training Checkpoint sheet should look

Click on the picture to download the template

Daily Training Checkpoint.png

As a Lean consultancy, we are passionate about simplicity and Lean is a mindset that we apply in all our areas of activity. Our Lean Office and Leadership-oriented communication training programs act as a catalyst to help you accelerating your professional skills and abilities to face the future of work.

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