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Coaching & Mentoring


You have it all inside!

Coaching is our passion. We offer a goal-oriented framework that allows you to unlock your full potential , gain insights, be more effective, and improve your performance. Results are no coincidence"Self-belief, self-motivation, choice, clarity, commitment, awareness, responsibility and action are the products of coaching". - John Whitmore.
Florence Meunier

Florence Meunier

Executive Coach

  • Country of Residence: Italy

  • Languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian

  • Qualifications: ICF Member, ACSTH

About me

The life and business we make for ourselves are created through our actions or our excuses. We’re either going in the right direction, or we're not and that takes us farther away from success.

It was a time when coaching helped me go to the right direction and manage the challenges I faced with self-awareness and focus.

"I strongly believe that we have it all inside ourselves and today, I want to help people grasp with full hands their true potential to reach their goals."

My Coaching Experience

In business, it is (usually) not enough to be smart and savvy to be successful. Likewise in sport competition, it is not enough to be technical and it is certainly not enough to be good during training to win.

Those are just the "entry tickets". Through my coaching – inspired from my sportive background and ever-growing professional and coaching experience, I offer a goal-oriented framework that allows you to unlock this potential in yourself that you would not believe you had, learn new things, gain insight, be more effective and improve your performance.

Other Experience

My background includes more than 26 years of experience in American multinationals in various sectors, and managerial roles with international scope.

My own consultancy offers support to any office-based functions and anyone who understands why creating a great (virtual or not) workplace matters.

I am passionate about leadership and building teams, where coaching plays a fundamental part in the type of person that one needs to be to lead successfully today.

María Albertina Fontana

Team Coach

  • Country of Residence: Argentina

  • Languages: Spanish, English

  • Qualifications: ICF Member, ACTP

  • Specialism: Change Management, Leadership and Team, Career Development, Team building, LEAN

  • Sector: Energy, Automotive, ICTs, Customer Services, Public sector, Government, Retail, Food, Hospitality and tourism, NGOs

About me

I strongly believe that we are what we say, do and feel. Life challenges us again and again, it also speaks to us when we are open to listen to it. Coaching has been a gate to that listening and to my own inner voice, which inspired and helped me in a period where I had lost passion and purpose of personal and professional growth. Coaching drived me find meaning and value in what I can offer to the world.  Coaching also helped me resignify and refocusing every decision I make and every new idea and project I put into practice. And this, is something that I am keen to give to others, I do not want it to remain only for me. I am being who I choose to be and I want to accompany people and teams to be who they set out to be.


My Coaching Experience

A small movement in you can change your entire environment and that of your relationships. This occurs in all areas, professional, family-wise and personal. That potential is only within each one of us. As a coach, through questions, listening, presence, dynamics and infinite resources, I create for each session the proper environment for coachees and teams to achieve their objectives, improve their performance, eliminate limiting habits and transform what is possible in reality.


Other Experience

My professional experience spans more than 20 years performed in multinationals in different sectors and leadership roles with regional scope and cross-functional reporting. Passionate about Lean philosophy, I founded my own consulting business in 2009 and since then, I have dedicated myself to sharing and implementing the LEAN principles, incorporating them as a way of life.

Expert in leading multicultural and multifunctional teams, I coach and encourage people, teams and organizations to overcome their challenges as well as discover and reach their full potential.

Coaching is a management behavior that lies at the opposite end of the spectrum to command and control.

Only when coaching principles govern or underlie all management behavior and interactions, as they certainly will do in time, will the full force of people's performance potential be released.


Mentoring benefits the mentee, the mentor, and the organization.

We help you define a well-designed mentoring program that leads to the acquisition of knowledge and expertise within a trusting and supportive environment.

  • What are the objectives of mentoring programs and the benefits offered to your employees, mentors, and the organization?

  • What expectations can get mentors, coaches, and managers to understand the distinct advantages of mentor relationships?

  • What makes a mentoring program successful?

  • How mentoring can be used in your organization?

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