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Your 5-Minute Self Learning!

5 minutes - that's all it takes to grasp the essence of our findings, that be an article, a book excerpt, a job Aid, a Follow-on Activity or simply our thoughts ...


Focusing on using specific lean tools and techniques (hard skills) ONLY is the number one reason that over 90% of companies fail to sustain their lean program: they fail to understand that improving methods does not mean that people will automatically alter their attitude towards change.

What are the eight wastes (DOWNTIME) and where you can find them in an office environment.

Enormous opportunities and payoffs from application of Lean Six Sigma.

​Not easy to assess competencies of team members on a virtual team? Here is a tool to help you!

​Handling conflict - Do's and Don'ts of conflict management.

Roadblocks and solutions commonly encountered in change management.

Think of complexity reduction as a new competitive weapon and a potent tool to increase shareholder value!

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