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Fostering mental health and well-being during turbulent times

Do you need to do more to address challenges employees are facing during COVID-19?

The resurgence of COVID-19 is real and more than ever, employees need extra support in the face of renewed pressure to work more, burn out and exhaustion.

We have created “the Crisis Kit workshop”, in order to help  you and your team members through tough times like these.

During this workshop, we propose you to learn and practice five tools that will allow you to foster mental health and well-being, and more particularly to know how to:

  • Use your mental resources well,

  • Connect to a place of inner peace,

  • Become aware of factors within and beyond personal control

  • Practice acceptance-based coping

  • Remain calm and composed in the face of stress.

Information about the (online) workshop:​

  • Duration: 2h30 aprox.

  • Language: We deliver this workshop either in English, or Spanish, or French or Italian.

  • Number of participants: 10

  • Program Overview

    • Introductions

    • Agenda

    • Tools 1 – 3

      • TOOL 1: Meditation where the concept of inner peace is clarified by using a hurricane as a metaphorThis tool uses the metaphor of a hurricane to guide you to a state in which you become an observer that is able to notice what is happening from moment to moment with a sense of calm and clarity.

      • TOOL 2: Dealing with uncontrollable circumstances. Learn about effective and ineffective ways of dealing with uncontrollable circumstances and increase your awareness of factors that are within and beyond personal control.

      • TOOL 3: The Unwanted guest. Long-term consequences of emotional avoidance and importance of acceptance-based coping.

    • Break

    • Tools 4 – 5

      • TOOL 4: Window of tolerance: Increase your ability to accurately perceive and understand. Learn the signs that are either hyper-aroused or hypo-aroused and how to return to the window of tolerance, the optimal state of arousal for healthy functioning.

      • TOOL 5: My resilience plan. Help you to devise a personal resilience plan based on your existing resources (that is, what has helped you bounce back from difficulties in the past).

    • Insights & Take Aways.

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