How the use of daily meetings in Lean Office are effective in problem solving, escalations and team building...

Daily Accountability Meetings (DAM)

Some say it is easy to make process improvements in a Lean Office environment, but it is very important not to forget that improvements must be reviewed regularly, and cannot be left to manage themselves after implementation or completion of a project. Or for your team to slip back into old habits.

We are often asked what is the best approach to ensure continuous improvement efforts are maintained and measured long into the future.

We are also asked how to make simpler the process of escalating, checking performance, and aligning the full organisation to support company goals and objectives, at all levels. 

This e-book has been written with the simple intention to help you set up regular review meetings with your teams, to identify correct levels of administrators and management to assign responsibilities to, and ensure the buy-in of teams both early and effectively.

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