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Coaching - GROW MODEL
Questions for a
development conversation


  • What is the key goal of this development discussion in your eyes?

  • What are some of your professional objectives (long-term, mid-term)? What are your key development goals associated with these objectives?

  • Why are these development goals important to you? What is the importance of working on ____ in relation to your future success?

  • If you succeed on developing these areas, what will it look like? How will you know if you are successful?

  • What are some of your key challenges at work? How could achieving your development goals help you address them?

  • Do you have a time frame for these development goals and professional objectives?

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  • What kind of feedback on development have you received from your managers, peers, direct reports?

  • In relation to ___ (development topic), what kind of situations does this pertain to most?

  • In what situations do you usually find yourself doing (reference development topic) ___?

  • Where did you need to use ___ skill / competency in order to get things done?

  • Where did you feel comfortable in your use of ___ skill / competency?

  • Where did you feel that your ___ skill / competency was not as strong as it could have been?

  • Where can you use this skill in your daily work?

  • How would you like to use ___ skill / competency differently in the future?

  • And what have you done so far to try to improve on this area?

  • What obstacles have you come across which slow you down in making progress?

  • When you worked on ___ (development topic) in the past, what happened as a result?


  • What kind of options exists to address these development goals? Any others?

  • What activities would help you get closer to the achieving the goal?

  • What else could you do? What haven't you tried yet?

  • Imagine there were no obstacles, constraints or limitations, what could you do to try to move closer to your development goal?

  • Are any of those options more feasible than others to implement?

  • For the development activities we have identified, what are some of the advantages and disadvantages of each? What are the short-term and long-term implications of each option?

  • I could think of some more development ideas on this topic. Do you want to hear them?

  • Will this development activity really help achieve the goal we discussed earlier?

Coaching and mentoring at
Difference between coaching and mentoring


  • Which are the development activities you are going to focus on?

  • When are you going to define the plan?

  • Who needs to be involved? Who can help support you?

  • What will you need to do in order to implement this plan?

  • What could be potential issue you may be confronted with may get in the way of achieving this development goal? How do you plan to address these issues?

  • Will this development activity really help achieve the goal we discussed earlier (rate effectiveness on achieving goal on a scale of 1 to 5)?

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