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Force field analysis

Force Field Analysis is a great tool for uncovering issues. It helps identify those "forces" FOR and AGAINST change.  The tool is used in a brainstorming setting.

The key is the follow-up. You have to engage the group in determining how to leverage to positive forces and mitigating the negatives in the interest of reaching a goal.

1.  Draw a chart like example below with a vertical line drawn down the center


2.  Brainstorm the various issues


3.  Discuss the force i.e. is it Helping or Hindering


4.  Draw the arrows to correspond.  The longer the arrow the stronger the force is.  You can also add a simple measurement scale here if required


5.  Discuss and agree ways to a) build on the positive forces and maximize their potential, and b) reduce or remove the negative barriers and constraining forces


This tool can also help identifying the pros and cons of your improvement project, or even the potential solution


Some of the drivers or barriers could be people, so you must develop strategies and tactics to overcome them

Force Field Analysis is often the first step in developing a Stakeholder analysis.

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