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The Fifteen-word Flipchart

The Fifteen Word flip chart can help developing the problem and goal statements

1.  Form the team

2.  Take a Post-It each

3.  Write on one statement of the problem, with a maximum of 15 words

4.  Put all Post-Its on the flip chart

5.  Together the team can highlight key phrases or words that can be encompassed within the Project Charter statements


Of course, the final statement can be as many words as needed. 

This tool can also be used when drafting an Elevator Speech, and in determining the project scope or project charter.

Lean coaching

As a Lean consultancy, we are passionate about simplicity and Lean is a mindset that we apply in all our areas of activity. Our Lean Office and Leadership-oriented communication training programs act as a catalyst to help you accelerating your professional skills and abilities to face the future of work.

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