Changes of Tomorrow

How to understand better future trends and foster digital transformation.
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Change is a constant!


  • Society is transforming. Powerful trends are reshaping businesses, driving new technologies, shifting talent needs, and changing human behavior.

  • It is crucial for all industries to stay up to date with these changes, and respond accordingly.

  • Regardless of your industry, it's essential to consider the impact of these changes on your work.​

Opportunities for the future!

  • Technology, social behavior, culture and the fundamental nature of businesses are all in flux.

  • This dynamic landscape has introduced exciting possibilities and formidable challenges.

The workshop

Who it is for

  • Individuals and organizations seeking a foundational understanding of Digital Transformation

  • Employees and managers responsible for leading digital transformation

  • Consultants guiding their clients through future trends initiatives


The purpose of this workshop is to look at future trends to understand better / foster digital transformation. We will achieve this through a 4-step process to tackle industry expertise where we will map the most important trends in the areas of Business, Behaviour, Talent and Technology.

We will also identify what those key attributes are for the leaders of tomorrow.

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  • Introduction

    • Words

    • Poll

    • Quotes

  • Changes of tomorrow

  1. Discuss transformative trends in the near future and explore how you might act to meet those trends,

  2. Identify the key attributes for the leader of tomorrow.

  • Conclusion & Take Away

At the end of this workshop, you will be able to apply a framework to collaboratively map complex insight.


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