Truly Driving Simplicity.  Simplicity is our passion

Truly Driving Simplicity.  Continuous Improvement is our Reward

What we do

We love to share content, experiences and best practices with examples from Lean Office leaders around the world.  


We, at flmLean, aim to create the largest network of Lean Office professionals

When we started

Initiated in 2016, we realized there is a knowledge gap about everything Lean Office.  


We, at flmLean, want to share our experiences using our combined years of building up Lean Office environments

Why we started

Lean Office content on the web is both rare and not readily available.



We, at flmLean,  aim to bring the expertise of Office professionals who use Lean methodology together

Where we are


We cover the full EMEA region.  We focus on English, Spanish, French and Italian speaking markets

And we want to unite the world through information sharing

How we do it


Our site has been created based on writings from our own experiences.



We, at flmLean,  aim to continue sharing best practices from Lean Office implementations and lessons learnt

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