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... Simply put: From one word, you can make countless interpretations. Quotations and words lead to inspiration and inspired leaders ... why is that?

This section offers inspiration about topics dear to us such as continuous improvement, simplicity, lessons learned and more...and seen from a leadership perspective.

Organizational change

Organizational Change

Myths carried around during times of major change and organizational turbulence, what does the reality say after all?

Managing stress during organizational change

Managing Stress

Be in the middle of organizational change isn't funny at all. Find out 10 tips to manage that stress successfully.

Sport and leadership

Sport & Leadership

10 lessons learned in sports that apply to our professional life.

Influence as a leader

as a Leader

Successful Leaders communicate, motivate and energize, as well as understand organizational politics.

Leadership attributes

Leadership Attributes

14 attributes required for good leadership toward quality.

Culture of Continuous Improvement

CI Culture

Continuous Improvement - A way of life! Get inspired about the key ingredients to create a continuous improvement (CI) culture!


Simplicity, get inspired!

Sometimes, we just need a few words to get inspired. See a selection of quotes...

Techniques to manage EI

Emotional Intelligence

5 different techniques that you can use to manage your emotional reactions

Coaching and Mentoring with Lean4U.jpg

As a Lean consultancy, we are passionate about simplicity and Lean is a mindset that we apply in all our areas of activity. Our Lean Office and Leadership-oriented communication training programs act as a catalyst to help you accelerating your professional skills and abilities to face the future of work.

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