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Process Optimization

Why building a process optimization environment?

Maximizing the value delivered to its customers while minimizing waste: Can you think of any organizations that would not want such a business model?

What can Lean4U & BeLiveLean do for you?

Make the invisible into visible!

Partnering with BeLiveLean, we offer our 50+ combined years of experience in process optimization in order to help you translate your efficiency and effectiveness goals into direct and indirect cost savings.

We help you crafting your (virtual) office environment strategy and guide you throughout its execution.

What makes us different?

Tools OR people? We focus on both!

Missing the How? We belong to these few ones who can turn theory into tactical execution.

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Why communication skills?

Communicating with meaning, that's the point of any leader. Developing the right talent on your team to accept changes positively? Communication is simply critical to achieve that.

Our (Lean Office) Workshops

Office efficiency simulation

Office Efficiency Simulation

Participants work in a fictional company where they are introduced to lean office practices and experience change to a process as a positive change. 

Image by Austin Distel

Lean & Communication Skills

What can you do in your job to help you meeting your business goals?

Introduction to Lean office practices including specific management skills.

Checking Inventory

Get Lean, get Lean Office!

Introduction to Lean Office concepts and tools to get you started in your improvement efforts either be for a quick win or a process improvement.


Daily Accountability or Morning  Meetings

Some say it is easy to make process improvements in a Lean Office environment, but it is very important not to forget that improvements must be reviewed regularly, and cannot be left to manage themselves after implementation or completion of a project. Or for your team to slip back into old habits.

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