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Lean Office Combined with Communication Skills

"Doing more with less, more quickly, better!"

Are you among the people who noticed that not one day is passing by without being bombarded by publications on Lean or Leadership? However, much less is shared on Lean Office, and, needless to say, near to non-existent success stories of Lean Office combined with specific management skills...

What is Lean Office and why would you introduce it in your work environment?

What does it take to build your own successful Lean Office story?


Based on our years of experience in both Lean Office and Management skills, we propose a 2h30 online and interactive workshop for you to understand why and how the combination Lean Office and specific Management skills can successfully help you to support the goals and objectives of your organization.

Who it is for

Managers and team members looking to improve their organization's performance by introducing a Lean Office environment combined with communication skills.

What it is about

“Doing more with less”, more quickly, better. Sounds familiar? The reflexion or the question to ask yourself is then: “What can we do in our job that can help organizations to be great?” “What can we do to help becoming more effective?” 

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Program overview
Introduction –
  • Why building a Lean Office environment? – Every Lean organization seeks to maximize the value delivered to its customers while minimizing waste. Can you think of any organizations that would not want such a business model?

  • Why communication skills? – A successful application of Lean starts by understanding that improving methods does not mean that people will automatically alter their attitude towards change. You want to develop the right talent on your team to accept changes positively, and communication is simply critical to achieve that. 

Content –

In this workshop, the following topics will be covered:

  • Lean Office – Introduction to the concept of Lean Thinking and Continuous Improvement culture

    • Lean Office: why make your office Lean? 

    • Waste in an office environment: what it is, where to find it 

    • Continuous improvement projects: overview of type, selection, methodologies 

    • Overview of Lean tools applied to an office environment

  • Communication – Build awareness to lead change

    • Understand the different phases of change 

    • Change readiness assessment 

    • How to create your project communication management plan 

    • Communication tools overview 

    • Assess your communicators

Duration –

This is a 2h30 on line and interactive workshop. Upon request, the content of this workshop can be split into different chapters and provided through online dedicated training sessions.

What is unique about this program 

The tools: these are practical tools that have been used in hundreds of assignments by consultants and executives.  The focus on examples from real organizations, including your own.

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