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Leader Standard Tasks

Tool used as part of the Process Management aspect of a business environment.

It is incorporated within the Leader Standard Work element, however this article starts with the first step toward implementing Process Management.


Leader Standard Work supports a Leader’s role to perform a fixed routine of daily, weekly and monthly activities to ensure your processes are running as designed and to continuously improve the processes. 

Who are the Leader Standard Tasks for?

  • Administrator

  • Team Leader

  • Supervisor

  • Manager

  • Senior Leader, ...

What are the benefits?

  • Guides you through your work day,

  • Gives you your own accountability,

  • Building block toward Process Management later,

  • Helps you shift from management by firefighting to management by proactive problem solving, ...

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How to create Leader Standard Tasks?

1. Identify the standard/repetitive tasks you manage on a Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Annual basis.  Examples – regular meetings, regular calls, reviews, audits, 1 to 1s,

2. Calculate average time to complete the task

3. Calculate how much of your time in % these tasks take up

4. Create your page of tasks

5. Refer to them each day as your first working task


What format to use?

It can be digital through any shared drive / platform e.g. Sharepoint, Google Drive,  OneNote, email platform, Word – desktop, etc. or paper based such as diary, agenda, printed on desk, customized notebook, ...

The digital format works very well within an office environment, as typically most people use a PC, laptop or mobile phone as their main source of information.  And it works effectively to have a digital copy when discussing with remote teams who are not available at your location.

What would be the next steps?

  1. Create your own Leader Standard Tasks

  2. Agree on Manual or Digital display

  3. Have your manager sign off and approve

  4. Upload copy to a shared drive or Sharepoint as an example

  5. Implement!

  6. Feedback session in one month

  7. Schedule quarterly reviews of your own Leader Standard Tasks to ensure is kept updated (what worked well, what could be done differently, what are those two actions to make it better)

Each Task should correspond with one of these types of tasks:

  1. Scheduled tasks – put the appropriate audits in place to ensure disciplined adherence to process

  2. Unscheduled but predictable tasks – ensure adherence to service level targets

  3. Unscheduled and unpredictable tasks – ensure adherence to service level targets and no disruption to scheduled tasks to accomplish.

How much time should be allocated to Standard Tasks?

  • Floor employee – approx 90% of the time

  • Team Leader - approx 80% of the leaders time

  • Supervisor – approx 50% of the leaders time

  • Manager – approx 35% of the leaders time

  • Director – approx 20% of the leaders time


Here is a sample view of how a Standard Leader Task sheet should look (see John Smith's Leader Standard Tasks.

Standard Tasks

As a Lean consultancy, we are passionate about simplicity and Lean is a mindset that we apply in all our areas of activity. Our reward is when we know that we helped you meeting your business objectives, where both management skills and tools play a key role.

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