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Process improvement project - Measure - 

Following the DMAIC methodology, the Measure phase comes after the Define phase.

In this phase, the team focuses on data collection, which is a significant effort in terms of time.

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What can be measured in a lean office Process?
So you have a Process in place, and you want to measure it.  In a Lean office environment, you don't always have a production output rate, number of pieces, or defects ppm. So what can you measure?

Here are some suggestions on what can be measured from an administrative perspective:

  • Process steps

Total number of steps to complete the process.  When looking to improve a process containing many steps, aim for reduction.​

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  • Value added process steps

These are the number of process steps which add value to a service or product.  Aim to increase the proportion of value added steps, or eliminate non‐value added steps.

  • Decisions

These are the Decision Points,  in other words, where a process changes for different situations.  Employees must decide at this point the appropriate path to follow.  A process normally requires a Decision Point when a goal varies by service or product.  Typically you should aim for reduction of the number of Decision Points.

  • Signatures required

Number of Approvals needed.  Approvals usually involve lengthy delays, and handoffs.  Aim for reduction of number of approvers if your business Schedule Of Authorisation allows. 

  • Handoffs

The number of times the service or product changes hands.  This can be a source for errors, miscommunication, or delays.  Aim for reduction of number of handoffs.

  • Loop backs

When steps of a process must be repeated, these are called loopbacks.  Loopbacks are normally included in a process to correct errors or locate missing information.  If the process is followed correctly to start, then loopbacks can be avoided.  Aim for reduction quickly.


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