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Mentoring @ Workplace

To managers and team leaders who want to understand what mentoring is and how it can be conducted.

Mentoring to enabling success.

Mentoring can help employees to acquire knowledge and expertise more efficiently, leading to increasing employee retention and work productivity.

The relationship between a mentor and a mentee helps  work out what needs to be achieved and how to get there. 

Mentoring is different from coaching. Mentors help people develop by providing advice and resources, supporting career goals, and celebrating achievements. 

This section includes 4 chapters.

  1. Overview of the fundamentals of mentoring,

  2. What it takes to build and maintain a mentoring relationship,

  3. How to design a mentoring program and

  4. How to evaluate whether a mentoring program was valuable

Do I need a coach Or do I need a mentor


Objectives, expectations of mentoring programs, and what makes them successful


How to effectively build and maintain a mentoring relationship


How to design and initiate a successful mentoring program to achieve objectives


How to evaluate the contribution of a mentoring program to the bottom line

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