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Did you ever calculate how much an ineffective meeting could get to cost? With the right techniques, you can lead productive meetings that achieve their goals and leave participants with a sense of satisfaction and  accomplishment...

Improve your listening skills! An essential element of management is the ability to effectively communicate with people.

Workforce Generations

The generation in which you grow up is a key influence on your adult behavior, and the different characteristics of

each generation can strengthen an organization if properly managed. 

Through this section, understand people from different generations and prepare yourself as a manager for the challenges of generational diversity. This is a crucial first step in creating a positive work environment.

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This section describes some of the myths about management and their corresponding truths in order to clarify what managers really do. It also points to the typical demands and constraints of a manager's job. Finally, it describes strategies for dealing with common mistakes of first-time managers.

For managers, approaching a difficult conversation – whether it's with a direct report, colleague, or manager –

can provoke feelings of anxiety and discomfort. What may initially appear to be an emotionally charged conversation can, however, prove to be a fruitful and meaningful discussion. Find out how!

Treating your Direct Reports Fairly

This section focuses on what fairness means in the relationship between managers and their direct reports. It

discusses the benefits of treating employees fairly. It also covers areas where showing fairness is most essential Finally, it provides techniques that you can use in order to demonstrate fairness while managing your direct reports.

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