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10 tips to become more effective through morning meetings

Updated: Nov 11, 2019

We are often asked what the best approach is, to ensure continuous improvement efforts are maintained and measured long into the future. DAM, standing for Daily Accountability Meetings is one of our answers!

Here are our top 10 suggestions to consider before implementing DAM:

  1. The introduction prior to implementation is critical - a good explanation and selling of the benefits is vital to gain the teams buy-in and support from the outset.

  2. Be prepared to hear negative feedback - Responses such as “I have customers to take care of”, "I don’t have the time”, or “we do them when we can” are common place.

  3. Use a pilot phase - Take one small team at Level 4, e.g. one group of order entry administrators, or a small department such as Financial Services or a Quality team.

  4. Be insistent on the timing and keeping a daily slot for the meetings - Do not cancel any of the meetings. If one accountable person cannot attend, be sure a back-up person is available.

  5. You will find a lot of one-way communication to begin with - From manager or supervisor down to the team. Administrators are unlikely to give much feedback during the initial meetings.

  6. You must ensure everyone participating is clear on the process, agenda, goals and what to look for in the metrics

  7. Ensure teams are aware that implementing dam is a step toward meeting the organization goals and is used for reviewing performance metrics at team or department level

  8. Work on motivating participants toward two-way communication about issues, metrics review, and initial problems surfacing for resolution

  9. Where possible, encourage action items are added to a "just do it" category

  10. Make sure that your manager or team leader are working on their communication skills

In summary, there is very little reason why Daily Accountability Meetings will not work in any team size or department within a Lean Office environment.

Get introduced to DAM in our video


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