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Training & Development - 2 Key Success Drivers?

Updated: Oct 23, 2019

Same as Communication, Training & Development are two other vast topics that can result in numerous frustrations or lead you nowhere depending on what you are looking for or referring to.

For the fun, try “Googling” the word communication, then do the same with training and then again with development. To me, it returned results on communication, 1.810.000.000 for training and the astronomical amount of 2.380.000.000 for development. Amazing, isn’it?

What we propose here is a Mini serie on training and development, looked at from a continuous improvement and coaching perspective, and particularly when the time comes to actually work on training and development itself. More importantly, we mean to share ready-to-use tools, such a job aids, forms and questionnaires - why would you reinvent the wheel?

We approached intentionally training & development together because they go hand in hand and both supposed to represent a significant area of focus in your strategic and tactical business plans - at least, it should :-)!

Training & Development, a Mini Serie that includes the following content:


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