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Doing More with Less, ... Now what?

Updated: Oct 23, 2019

Here is a scenario: your strategic plan for next year is largely impacted by a recent acquisition of your company and so, you are required to sacrifice a few heads. Like a rising wave of concerns, you’re asking yourself: “Where has landed my extensive workload-headcount analysis? Has anyone read it? Why was I not given a chance to present? Does fighting for my team not matter? Who will be left to do the job? How can I keep my team engaged?”

Sounds familiar?

While all these questions are valid, truth is, they are not important and should not come up as a surprise. What prevails in today's environment, is doing more with less, this is simply "business as usual".

Doing more with less doesn’t necessarily mean letting people go. The goal, of course, is to be not just efficient but effective. So the next step is to determine how to best make use of the time you’ve saved. Reclaim the extra hours to do better work e.g. listen in on client calls, observe top performers, coach employees one-on-one, provide training to your team members... in a nutshell, focus on value add tasks.

Look proactively at your processes and start working on eliminating, simplifying or delegating unimportant tasks and replace them with value-added ones. Easier said than done? Yes - but doable!

But why am I doing the talk? A concrete example is a far better illustration of processes as an integral part of your business today. Based on our experience, I strongly encourage you to access and read one of our success story “From manual to semi-automatic Order entry” where we achieved a 3.2 hours gain per day and per order management employee as an end result!

Again, the goal is to be not just efficient but effective.

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