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Productivity and Time Management – Do It Now!

Updated: Oct 23, 2019

I read and write about different Productivity applications… on paper… online… applications…

But there is one principle that is often too easy to remember or dismiss and that’s DO IT NOW!

Procrastination is the downfall to any good time management or productivity system, no matter which one you choose.

Why write a ToDo List or create meetings, when a task can be done right away?

Why does an email have to be read and deferred when hitting Send can be instant and just as effective?

Take time to look at your day and the tasks you are listing or deferring. I did, and was surprised that up to 20% of my actions could have been completed immediately. That 20% of time I have free to do something more Value Add. If it takes less than two minutes, you can do it now.

Here are some Do´s to replace your ToDo´s if you are looking for inspiration:

  • Do something small

  • Do something you don’t want to do

  • Do something before its deadline

  • Do something that you don’t have time for

  • Do something for someone who needs help

  • Do something you have been putting off

  • Do something instead of talking about it.

Whatever method or tool you use… Do It Now!

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