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Small and Simple changes make a World of Difference - case study - Bulletins

Do you ever get the feeling that a large project is just too much to focus on in the working time you have, and gets put to one side for even longer?

Or that you have an idea you want to implement, yet you don't have the time to sit and work on it creatively?

Think about what impact on teams your deferring a less important task could have.

I saw a great example this week. Since the beginning of the year, one of my colleagues was tasked with creating a follow up communication to regular informative meetings. These meetings were essential to the workers since the content was related to important process changes, new processes introduction, or notification of project improvements.

It was already November by the time the seemingly not-so-urgent task was scheduled in for implementing.

A simple end of month Bulletin letter was created, providing process hyper-links to training documentation. The bulletin was short and to the point, highlighting all agenda points from the two previous bi-weekly meetings held.

The result? Very positive feedback from the teams! She captured the important. And people's attention.

It was one of the most simple and effective communication pieces that could have been available all year. It took relatively little time to put together (copy/paste after the format was decided on), is email-able and was read by all.

There are two stories here.

1. Never defer what you personally consider is not urgent or not important. It may be your most effective achievement of the year.

2. Use simple monthly communications to capture the important, and capture people's attention.

If you have little time to focus on the creative element of putting together a bulletin, and are interested to see an example, contact us at including Bulletin in the subject header, or via our Contact page and we will be happy to share further our experiences with you.


Your comments and feedback are welcome, here at flmLean, continuous improvement is our reward.

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