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Becoming a great speaker - Reserved to a few ones only?

I don’t know you but I have attended countless presentations. For many of them, I can’t recall practically anything, if not boredom and feeling sorry for most of the presenters. For a few exceptions however, I can still remember the key points that captured back then my attention.

In general, I am still today very much amazed to see how much diversity of presenters and presentations we can be exposed to, or get to suffer to…!

Another thing that keeps me intrigued is that with so much literature in the Internet nowadays or else such as asking for honest feedback after a presentation , how come do we still have to endure bad presentations and bad presenters?

In the light of it, does it mean that not everyone can or should present? Is the art of presenting only reserved to a certain caste?

A presenter should first have the desire to present. Presentation skills aside, or even with not much presenting experience, the sure thing is that the presenter has to know what he or she is talking about and be genuinely passionate about it ! One without the other, you are most probably end up either bored or unable to remember anything - a bit like with these songs that you enjoy listening but then, are unable to whistle or hum the tune afterwards.

Now, sometimes we are required to present, that’s the bad news. The good news is, this is fine too and working on the presenting skills is a continuous process improvement…

Presentation skills, or basics, is about structure, nerves, voice and body language.

One another good news is that we have captured for you these key success factors to become a great speaker:

So, get started! Work on the basics and enjoy presenting for the delight of your audience!

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