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Using Conflict to an Organization's Advantage

Updated: Oct 23, 2019

Conflict is inevitable within organizations. Resource needs, individual perceptions, competitiveness, personal values, and feelings and emotions all can lead to challenges that affect progress and create interpersonal difficulties.

Yet, the negative repercussions of conflict can be neutralized. When managed properly, conflict can present opportunities to stimulate growth and innovation.

Consider the following points -

  • You can be so focused on settling differences and calming team members, that you hadn't stopped to consider if anything positive could be gained from the conflict.

An opportunity exists to examine current practices and address possible inadequacies.

You can develop new standards and procedures by analyzing the source of the conflict and brainstorming solutions.

  • Rather than creating workarounds to avoid conflict, the team can focus on innovations for improving productivity and workflow.

  • Conflict is also an opportunity to challenge stale thinking and stimulate competition. The emotional energy generated by conflict can be channeled into new brainstorming, which in turn will promote competition, a key facet of fresh thinking and progress.

Conflict presents an opportunity to revitalize team member commitment and unity. By bringing old issues to the surface, conflict enables teams to resolve underlying tensions. By fostering healthy dialogue and focusing on team goals, you can facilitate an understanding of differences and dissipate anger, thus motivating the team and improving morale.

Take Away in 1 sentence: Conflict can produce positive outcomes when properly managed.


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