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Developing Adaptable Managers - How?

The dynamics of a global economy have had a big impact on how business is conducted. More than ever, managers need to adapt quickly to changing circumstances. A range of broad-based skills is required. As is the ability to cope with increasing responsibilities while managing cross-functional, often dispersed teams.

To meet these challenges, it's more important than ever that organizations nurture and encourage emerging talent. By providing opportunities for growth, businesses instill adaptability and flexibility in their management teams.

How can I help develop the adaptive skills of my managers?

  • Expose them to a variety of experiences and disciplines by periodically shifting their department assignments.

  • Provide them with opportunities to succeed or learn from their mistakes by granting them responsibility.

  • Allow for incremental growth by assigning tasks with some associated risk.

  • Grant greater access to vital information needed for decision making.

  • Create an environment of trust by providing useful and regular feedback.

In a nutshell …

To develop managers with the ability to adapt, consider incorporating these practices into your business strategy.


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