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Coaching for Action, Coaching for Results

At some point in my professional career, I was given the opportunity to be coached. In fact, I was asked by my manager whether I would consider having a coach. At that time I had no idea what coaching was about, I simply assumed that I had done something bad and that it needed corrections. I couldn't have been more wrong...

Today, I can’t be grateful enough to my manager (Debbie Norris) to have provided me with this opportunity of being a coachee. That coaching program was a definite "awakening", and proved (still does) to be extremely beneficial from both a personal and professional perspective.

When I think today of coaching, coach or coachee, what comes to my mind first is trust, revelation, awakening, “a-ha” moments, side-by-side, gratefulness, positive changes…

Following that line of thought, I find this quote from ICF (International Coach Federation) quite powerful: “It’s not always what you know, but when you know it!"

Go get a coach too!


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