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Confidence is like your bank account

In sport competition, it is not enough to be technical and it is certainly not enough to be good during training to win. Likewise in business, it is not enough to be smart and savvy, it’s not enough to have a great product or service to outmatch competition . Those are just the "entry tickets". What is then at stake? Self-confidence.

Self-confidence impacts the way your potential customers treat you and deal with you. Self-confidence is why you leave your fears and doubts at the cloak room.

You can’t buy confidence – We are all born with the same level of self-confidence. And then life happens… with that amount of confidence increasing or decreasing, as we know. “You can’t do that”, “you can’t accomplish that”, “you’re not smart enough for that”, or “I can’t do it”, “what if I fall?”: these are self-confidence depleting messages that one can be so familiar with! This is no wonder that one can have trouble regaining access to his/her innate stash of confidence.

Because confidence is not something that you can buy, this is something that only you can give yourself. Confidence can only be found in one place: within you. In other words, confidence is an inside job.

Focusing on raising confidence or decreasing self-doubt?

If in a lean environment you would focus on increasing your value added tasks rather than on the non-value added tasks, it goes the same way with self-confidence: you want to focus on raising your self-confidence level to push through self-doubt. Why? Because you are in complete control of your confidence level and you can change it at any time. How? By changing your thoughts and actions.

Your confidence level is like...

.... your bank account. You control the amount of money going in and out. Same with confidence, you make deposits or allow self-doubt to make withdrawals. Every time you experience or feel self-doubt, take the decision to act and move forward, and so build your confidence. When you do, you deposit a huge amount in your self-confidence account. Do it again and again…!

More importantly –

Building up your confidence levels can happen any time. It’s never too late to make a huge deposit into your personal confidence bank.

To raise your level of confidence, you must shift your mind-set and know that you have the power to do so.


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