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"My boss keeps me from being creative"

Creativity, innovation, and thinking out of the box are just as important in developing solutions. Innovation and creativity tools are used for solving quality and process problems. In the strategic and rational-thinking business world it is often difficult to get people to think creatively…


Before anything, creativity is a skill. Just as you can improve your basic level in mathematics, memory, language, etc. so can you improve your creative skills.

Among other biases about creativity, here are 3 others that I find quite true:

  1. “My boss keeps me from being creative” – Same as in coaching, YOU are the only one to decide how to use and develop your creative potential. Consider the obstacles in your environment as a challenge and do something about it.

  2. “I don’t have the time for creativity” – Creativity doesn’t require time, it requires focus. Being able to pay close attention to a problem is much more important than having a lot of time.

  3. “We already do brainstorming sessions” – We shouldn’t be surprised that the word “brainstorm” has a negative connotation in many companies: shouting out as many ideas as possible (ideas which nobody really knows how to deal with afterwards), overlooking the ground rule of “postponing judgement”, vocal people eclipsing people less inclined to speak up, ... these sessions usually result in a frustrated “problem owner” as well as frustrated participants. Organize your brainstorming sessions in a professional manner!

Creativity has become one of the most important developmental aspects for individuals and organizations. Still unsure to work on your creativity skills?


Lean4U is a "Lean Consultancy". It means that we apply a Lean mindset in all our activities.

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