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Influence & Change...

Influence was, is being, and will remain tomorrow one of the fundamentals of leadership. Actually more than ever! As we know, influence is built upon different components, among them personal attributes, professional stature, interpersonal and business skills etc.

This post is not about listing all of them, I'd rather like to bring your attention to one in particular, one that is critical these days and thinking of tomorrow: the internal personal attributes.

There are different characteristics related to the personal attributes, one is building a reputation of trust and respect, another is related to these things that help you get the job done and one that retains my attention in this post is Creating a reputation as a change-agent.

Digging a bit more, creating a reputation as a change-agent has to see with vision, motivation, pro-activity, and being opportunistic - among other characteristics...

Is this not about getting ready to our near future (for not saying tomorrow)? And I wonder, if I were to assess my ability in these 4 characteristics, what would be my current ability? How much would I like to improve it? What priority would I give to it?

What about you? How would you assess yourself in these 4 area?


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