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Looking for waste in Lean Office? What about Waiting for attendees late for meetings?

Updated: Oct 7, 2019

On the people side, ineffective and inefficient meetings are synonym of frustration. Seen from a Lean Office perspective, it equals to waste.

Did you ever happen to calculate the cost of a week meetings or conference calls?

Consider the following example:

A manager has a weekly staff call with 7 direct reports.

The estimated cost for 4 people on the team systematically showing up late 10 minutes represents about 2-month salary for an entry level employee for the company.

Bearing in mind the cost of running late for meetings can help you decide whether you should call the meeting, postpone it, or choose an alternative.

When you start looking at the waste of waiting within your office environment, you will quickly realize that there are plenty…

Another example that pops to my mind right away is the sacro saint coffee machine…teeth grinding reading this I am sure but...

As a final note and as any Lean initiative: It is easy to bring issues on the table. What is much harder to do however, is to do something about it, and this requires a great deal of will.

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