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Managing personalities...

As a former manager, I remember that if the task of identifying stakeholders for different projects was relatively easy, it was much harder however to get the people fully on board. And what I missed the most at that time was certainly to know how to manage the different personalities I was struggling with during meetings - virtual or not! My influencing skills could have been better as I recall it.

Today, based on my experience as a workshop facilitator and never missing an opportunity to ask participants for their feedback about their challenges, there is one topic that is pretty much recurrent and this is communication.

In my last post "Influence & Change", I referred to 6 key components to lead through influence. Number 5 is Business skills, which includes 1) helping building your team, 2) increasing productivity and effectiveness and 3) building loyalty in your team toward you.

Why am I saying this?

Because communication falls into this number 5. Either be team building or running meetings or building diversity, a lack of communication skills will harm your efforts of building your credibility and eventually your influence as a leader.

How to manage different personalities?

In order to help anyone willing to improve their communication skills, we co-created with María Albertina Fontana (BeLiveLean) a workshop where participants role play 7 characters - one character, one specific behaviour, with the objective for the attendees to identify and know what to do to manage these different behaviours - There is a BEFORE and there is an AFTER! :-)

In a nutshell, it is about communicating better!

This workshop is unique because of the characters we re-created, the tools, the focus and the active collaboration in an online environment.. while having a bit of fun!

Anyone intrigued?


Click HERE to access the information of the workshop.

Do you need to address specific training needs?  We invite you to book a free 30-minute consultation, we will be happy to answer and clarify any questions you may have!

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