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Riding Productivity

I was discussing the other day with Sasha, one of my virtual team member.

What environment makes you feel less or more productive?
What work environment makes you feel more productive?

As it is getting more and more the case nowadays, it happens that we both work at a different location. She works in Greece, and I am located in Italy.

The way we communicate is usually through video calls and this time I couldn’t help not envying her by the look at her screen.

As you can see in the picture, she had opted that day for a roof top work environment.

Things that get in the way of productivity

Keeping in mind this picture of such an inspiring view, work environment can clearly impact productivity, in a positive or negative way. And by environment I am referring to both physical and cultural conditions. "Do your team members have the tools they need to do their job?" "Is there an atmosphere of openness and acceptance?" If work environment is one element, here is another one: leadership. Sometimes productivity problems have nothing to do with the employees. "How do you build trust and promote communication?"

And what about collaboration - "Are people in your team talking with one another?" "Is there an emphasis on working together, collaboration and team work?"

And finally, process: "are you serving the customer, or a process?" Process is important, it usually leads to efficiencies. But, if it stands in the way of productivity – or if your employees don’t use it because it’s too cumbersome – something needs to change.

As a manager, your role is to provide your team with the right environment. Think about what factors may represent barriers to productivity, in other words "what is it that makes your team feel less or more productive"?


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