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Using Storytelling as a Strategic Leader – Where to start?

Using stories to support you in your diverse leadership efforts might have not come to your mind. And yet, if you are looking for deeper engagement in the company and across the marketplace, strategic alignment, ability to manage change, influence, relevance, then storytelling is definitely what you want to look at more closely.

Stories deliver this electric jolt of context and meaning that brings to life many of the most urgent imperatives of the organisation.

So, where to start?

People in the organizations want continuity, customers want engagement, the new generational knowledge workers want meaning… So, what do you want your audience do?

Do you want them to know something? Do something? Feel something?

Start with getting the right story at the right time for the right reason. Note that your style of delivery comes second. In fact, if you deliver the right story, it can change the world!

There are probably a million types of stories that leaders in organizations can tell. However, here are 4 elements that connect to the heart of your leadership:

1. Identity,

2. Values,

3. Change and learning

4. Vision.

The more compelling your story is, the more likely it is to get inside your audience!

Those stories that are shared over and over again? These are the core stories of your leadership!


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