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Thinking Acumen Wanted!

First of all, what is strategic thinking acumen?

Simply said, this is the skill of seeing the big picture. This is when you think strategically, when you consider the impact of your decisions and activities over time, how they affect different stakeholders. Basically, this is when you take a step back and assess how everything fits with everything else.

Second of all, people who think strategically in an organization constantly assess their broader environment, taking a “big picture” view. In a leadership role, a strategic mind-set is more than welcome, it is required. And the good news is, you can develop it.

Here are 5 steps that you can take to adopt a big picture:

1. Try to understand your organization’s strategies and business environment

2. Consider the impact of your decisions on the organization and other departments

3. Identify the underlying reasons for your actions

4. Consider how the parts of your organization interact, and

5. Develop a long-term vision.

If developing a strategic vision represents by itself a challenge for many, the how you communicate it to your different audience is even of greater importance.

How do you communicate with intent?

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