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What do I say about my termination?

"I got fired!

Are you worried about how to present the facts of your involuntary termination to prospective employers?

If you give a truthful, brief account of the reason for your termination, you can position yourself well. Here are some suggestions:


In fact, they top the lists of employer requirements for all industries. Employers report they are also looking for a teamwork attitude, positivity, personal responsibility, and punctuality, so use every opportunity to demonstrate these traits.

2. ALTHOUGH YOUR SOFT SKILLS COUNT, DON'T FORGET YOUR TECHNICAL SKILLS - Employers agree they are equally important. Use your resume to list your technical abilities and be prepared to elaborate upon request. Need some more skills? Job training has been shown to be helpful and can sometimes be free through colleges and unemployment offices.

3. EMPHASIZE YOUR ONGOING TRAINING AND EDUCATION ESPECIALLY AS THEY RELATE TO NEW TECHNOLOGY - Top performers are known to be continuous learners. Also, if you've kept up with recent trends in social media, show it, but don't on about your friend's tweet to Rihanna :-)

Best wishes to your success!

Source: Organizational behavior - Pearson


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