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What managers really do ...

Updated: Nov 11, 2019

At the very early stage in my career and having an opportunity to move into a management role, I can't help wondering today how I actually "made it"! Somehow I did, but I admit that transitioning into management has been a tough experience. I wish that back then, I was granted the chance to be prepared to what it actually means to become a manager.

Stepping into the shoes of a manager for the first time is certainly a big step, and without any preparation to the role, then this is either you make it or you don't. And so, for anyone who is envisaging a career move into management, or who has been promoted or hired into a management role, you may want to start asking yourself questions such as -"what does the role of a manager actually mean?" -"What does it specifically involve?" -"What will I bring to the role?" ...

There is a significant gap between what we believe the role of a manager is, and what the reality says. Let me share 5 misconceptions and truths about moving to a manager role:

Number 1:

Myth: "I’ll use the same skills I used as an individual contributor". Truth: The skills required to be successful as a manager are very different from the skills required to be successful as an individual contributor.

Number 2:

Myth: "I’ll use my power to get results". Truth: Credibility is how you’ll get results!

Number 3:

Myth: "I’ll have much more freedom". Truth: Actually this is quite the opposite, you’ll have in effect less freedom!

Number 4:

Myth: "I can learn the job through training". Truth: On-the-job experience is how you’ll learn to be a manager.

Number 5:

Myth: "I need to focus on forging good individual relationships". Truth: Focusing on individual relationships will negatively impact the team’s morale and performance...

What about taking the time to consider what your new role means? When you do, you'll certainly be better prepared, and more likely to succeed...


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