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Will with a Mindful Goal Focus

If you are training hard and making personal sacrifices to get you and your horse prepared physically and technically for competition, becoming mentally tough is to give you every chance of being successful from the start of the season.

Preparing you mentally strong means acquiring the discipline to make changes, adjust and improve continuously. And it all begins with your goal.

Setting goal is one of the most important components to success in sports – and in life in general, because it helps you to stay focused on what to accomplish, enhance your motivation and commitment. It also helps you to assess your strengths and weaknesses so you can structure practice accordingly and to keep track of your performance improvements and progress.

How strongly do you want to achieve your goal?

Will: You want to have it! Your will drives your commitment level to achieve your goal. And better yet, optimal goal achievement can be achieved by paying mindful attention to an activity without forgetting the goal that is served by the activity. In other words, YOU CHOOSE to direct your attention toward activities that are needed to accomplish your goals, you leave aside irrelevant, goal-inconsistent activities.

How do you know what to improve?

Set relevant goals for your game, practice in the most effective way, and stay committed to the process of getting better every day! Hold on… What if you don’t have an idea of what you should be improving? Well, this is where mental game coaching comes in…

Don’t let the mental game part of your performance left to chance!

And by the way, this applies to your professional life too!! Sports is a metaphor for life!

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