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Influence Toolkit

Influence Toolkit

SKU: 2021-12-001

Influence Toolkit - To help you develop your influence as a Leader

- Why is it so hard to get people to agree to a good idea?​- ​Why are some leaders constantly faced with challenges and objections? Reaching agreement as a leader does not mean you should manipulate or force people to accept your ideas and accomplish your objectives; there are ethical ways for leaders to successfully build influence.

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    What are those skills that you can develop to build your influence as a leader?

    Our "Influence" toolkit is articulated around 4 pillars, each of them providing key insights and practical guidelines:

    1. Understand influence - As a leader, what techniques to use for influencing a team to accept your ideas, and understand organizational politics.
    2. Influence & Change Management - How to build a reputation of trust and respect as well as a change agent.
    3. Influence & Meaningful Network - How to build key external attributes for a meaningful network and,
    4. Build Rapport - What interpersonal skills to develop.
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    • What the influence toolkit entails: click here
    • Download the pdf brochure to get all the information you need to get started. The brochure includes  the password to access each of the Premium pages.
    • A series of 13 chapters organized in 4 pillars to start working on your influencing skills at the workplace.
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