What is Lean Office?

What is Lean Office?

SKU: 2020-03-004

This eBook is intended to provide the basics of what Lean Office is and how a Lean office differs from a traditional office.

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    This document in pdf format consists of 34 pages. It includes practical examples of Lean applied to an office environment as well as questions and answers.

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    This eBook provides an introduction to Lean Office and aims to:

    • Describe in particular how a Lean office differs from a traditional office,
    • Present the Lean Principles,
    • List and detail the 8 typical wastes in an office environment, exemplifying some of them with representative cases,
    • Identify where to find waste,
    • Understand what the benefits of a Lean office are,
    • Highlight the key points of the introduction to LEAN Office, and
    • Inspire you to also have the desire to implement and obtain changes to improve your office processes.


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