What we are aiming to

Our reward is to know that we helped you make it happen in meeting your business objectives focusing on Lean Office and management skills, and creating a work environment satisfactory, enriching and rewarding.

What our targeted audience is

From a process perspective, any support functions - or "office-based functions" of any small, medium and large organization such as Customer Service, Human Resources, Accounting, Purchasing, or even Sales & Marketing.


​Basically anyone who understands why creating a great workplace matters and is willing to learn how!

Lean Zone® Office - A product in vogue!

Office processes are composed of individual tasks. These processes are generally developed over many years and normally contain steps that are no longer required. A lean office is one where each of these processes has been evaluated and streamlined for maximum efficiency. Wasted movement is eliminated by locating the personnel necessary to perform the task together.

Are you willing to improve your effectiveness but unsure where to start? Have a taste of it with the Lean Zone® Office simulation!

Lean Zone® Office is a simulation designed to introduce the participants to lean concepts, allow them to experience changes to a process, and to motivate them to desire improvements in their office processes. 



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