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Stakeholder Map or Analysis

What is a Stakeholder? 

Someone who controls critical resources, who can block a change initiative, who must approve, or who owns a key work process impacted by the project.

When should a Stakeholder Map or Analysis be used?

This tool is used in the Define stage of DMAIC, and more specifically when you want to:

  • Understand the people and organizations around you that can make or break your project,

  • Explore stakeholder characteristics and find out how best to influence them,

  • Identify potential supports and blockers for your project

It helps teams develop a detailed sense of who the key stakeholders are, how stakeholders currently feel about the change initiative, and the level of support they need to give for the project to be successful.

Our workshop

In this workshop you will be introduced to the step-by-step process to come up with the different stakeholders for your project.

We will see particularly how to work with the following complexities:

  • Some of the roles stakeholders can have for your project might not be obvious.

  • The reasons the stakeholders might have to support your project or not can be various. 

  • Not all stakeholders require the same communication strategy.

Our workshop is:

  • Designed to be as practical as possible: "Learning by doing", so 100% interactive... and fun!

  • 1-hour long

  • With the intention of delivering it in a virtual environment

  • For 1- 5 participants​

  • Available in English, Spanish, French and Italian

As a Lean consultancy, we are passionate about simplicity and Lean is a mindset that we apply in all our areas of activity. Our reward is when we know that we helped you meeting your business objectives, where both management skills and tools play a key role.

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