Applying the 5Ss in a virtual environment

What is is about?

It's about building a solid foundation for continuous improvement by implementing 5S for a well-organized and productive workplace.

Applying the 5S in a virtual office

The 5Ss techniques provide the "building blocks" for organizations to build a disciplined workforce and a well-organized and visual workplace that is productive and safe for work.

An effective 5S system improves productivity by eliminating waste. It improves efficiency by eliminating waste of movement such as searching for tools, materials or information. The 5Ss also improves quality by eliminating defects and preventing errors from occurring.

Likewise, the 5Ss focuses on establishing a quality environment in the organization, ensuring compliance with standards and in the process, fostering the spirit of continuous improvement.

The 5Ss are simple techniques that make a significant contribution to improving internal efficiencies, operational effectiveness and boosting on-time delivery performance to create value for customers ...



Very good talk led by María Albertina and Florence about "5S in the Virtual Office". It perfectly applies to today's remote work situation. Interesting and practical the workshop. Regards


I loved the approach and the dynamics that Albert and Flor achieved in the workshop, they transmitted the theoretical concepts to us very clearly and motivated the constructive participation of all with practical activities. Total thanks


The course allowed me to learn and develop solutions to current problems that I find in my organization and also in some personal issues . This thanks to the collaborative work that is done at the participant level. That plus of letting ourselves "do" to live the experience of reflecting and learning is super powerful. Our time was a little short and I hope they will make it last a little longer because what is being worked on is very interesting. Albertina and Flo make a good team, they both make the course flow in a practical way and keep you connected and interested. Thank you very much for the course. A second edition for continuation of themes would be great.

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