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Backward Visioning

Backwards visioning is a tool that helps define the vision, a clear statement about the outcomes of the project change.

An example would be to help viewing the service performance of the future, as well as some softer areas such as behaviors, measures, rewards and recognition.

In other words, it helps the team see what it will look like after the changes are successfully implemented, both internally and externally.

As a result, you will begin to understand the actions that need to be taken towards the future state. There may be some activities and behaviors to reduce and remove, and some to introduce and increase.


Similar to what athletes do, they are using visualization as a tool to getting the clearest possible image of the desired outcomes. E.g. in tennis, the idea is to hold in your mind the image of where you want the ball to go and then allow the body to do what is necessary to hit it there.

Here is an example of visioning statement:

"Our goal is to transform the ordering experience of our customer by:

a) Reducing response time with confirmed dates,

b) Reducing room for processing errors and,

c) Creating a highly professional environment that enhances proactivity".

Backwards Visioning

There are clear links in this tool to Stakeholder Analysis and developing an Elevator Speech.

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