To anyone who wants to gain a foundation in mentoring, and managers and team leaders who want to develop or refine their mentoring skills.

Mentoring can benefit everyone.

Mentor relationships, whether formal or informal, are a key to enabling success in both our personal and professional lives.

Mentoring at
  • Facilitated mentoring programs offered by organizations can lead to employees acquiring knowledge and expertise more efficiently. These programs also offer other benefits, such as increasing employee retention and work productivity.

  • The mentor relationship helps mentees work out what they want to achieve and how to get there, while benefiting the mentor in the capacity as a role model.

  • Mentors are much more than coaches. They help the whole individual develop by providing advice and resources, supporting career goals, and celebrating achievements.

What are the objectives of mentoring programs and the benefits offered to employees, mentors, and the organization?

What expectations can get mentors, coaches, and managers to understand the distinct advantages of mentor relationships?

What makes a mentoring program successful?

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Mentoring programs are as varied as the organizations that implement them. Options include one-to-one, group, executive, and e-mentoring approaches.

How to set up a successful mentoring program?

How to set the learning process in motion so that mentees can achieve their objectives?

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Like all relationships, mentoring comes with its share of obstacles. Effectively building and maintaining a mentoring relationship is important for creating a satisfying and productive pairing.

How to give constructive feedback that enables mentees to solve their own problems?

How to deal with program issues such as too much formality and too little support?

What unique issues might arise when mentors and mentees are involved in a virtual mentoring relationship?

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Is your mentoring program valuable? Does it contribute to the achievement of business goals? 

When resources are stretched thin, organizations need to know how much their mentoring programs are   contributing to the bottom line.

Knowing when to successfully and tactfully end mentoring relationships will make the best use of resources.

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