Upcoming Events
Wed, Sep 23
Online Workshop
Improving your efficiency in a virtual office
Through the practice of a virtual office case, the purpose of this webinar is to understand the 5S's concept and its benefits, and start applying the 5S's in your own virtual environment.
Wed, Sep 30
Online Workshop
Resilience I - Coping with adversity
What resilience is, why and how to develop it.
Thu, Oct 01
Taller Online
Gestionar Comportamientos
Reconocer la importancia de gestionar diferentes comportamientos para comunicarse de manera eficiente y cómo.
Thu, Oct 08
Online Workshop
Resilience II - Deep Dive
Tools and techniques to build your self-resilience
Thu, Oct 15
Online Workshop
Emotional Intelligence - Leading from the heart and mind
Building emotional intelligence among team members in the workplace.
Thu, Oct 22
Online Workshop
Resilience III - Team Resilience
How to build a team functioning at its best under pressure.
Thu, Oct 29
Online Workshop
Volverse más eficiente en una oficina virtual
Construir una base sólida para la mejora continua mediante la implementación de las 5S para un lugar de trabajo virtual bien organizado y productivo.
Time is TBD
Online Wokshop
How to create an inspiring vision in 8 steps
A vision is much more than a business case... Lean why and how to create your vision in an 8-step process.

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