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Our Training Courses

We offer online, face-to-face and blended training courses on a variety of topics such as soft skills – leadership and management, communication and presentation, negotiation, personal efficiency among others. 

Sustainable development

Based on our ongoing and extensive research, experience and experimentation, in the digital age, to be sustainable any organization or unit must have the ability to learn how to deliver value now and adapt to deliver it in the future.

We find that the main aspects of sustainable development encompass 1) leading beyond the edges, 2) building trust relationships, 3) forming and leading virtual teams, 4) collaboration and co-creation and 5) learning dynamically.

online, face-to-face and blended training courses
What we are committed to

This is our goal to anticipate and propose to our clients topics to develop the skills of tomorrow, such as:

  • Digital age leadership - facilitating a dynamic learning process that builds the only sustainable competitive advantage in the digital age, the capability to learn faster than competitors, 

  • Virtual communication - facing the virtual environment challenges through empathetic listening, speaking like an actor establishing (still) a human contact, managing behaviours

  • Leading virtual teams beyond the edge of their unit, organization and formal authority,

  • Core elements of the collaboration and co-creation process - integration across the organization and linkages to other organizations and partners are required to achieve your goals. 

  • Facilitating learning dynamically

The portfolio of our services and choices of topics for training is no coincidence

Upcoming Events

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