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To anyone who wants to gain a foundation in mentoring, and managers and team leaders who want to develop or refine their mentoring skills.



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Sample mentoring program evaluation plan

Use the following job aid as a sample to guide you in the creation of your own mentoring program evaluation plan, tailored to your company's objectives.

Program objectives (examples)

  • To orient new marketing employees to the functions and processes of the Marketing Department.

  • To increase mentee knowledge in customer and product categories relevant to the company.

  • To increase market share in new and existing product categories at the end of the first year of the program.

Structure of the program:

  • Mentees will be assigned a mentor who has worked in the department for at least two years.

  • Mentees and mentors will attend an orientation session at the beginning of the program. They will set knowledge, skill, and attitude goals together at the beginning and will meet once a week subsequently for two years.

  • Mentees will be formally assessed at six-month intervals using examinations, interviews, and simulated role-plays. 

  • Key organizational metrics for market share and turnover will be included in the assessments after the end of the first year.

Sample mentoring program evaluation plan

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