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Organizational Change - Running against the wind or Riding the wind...

Updated: Oct 29, 2019

Definition of organizational change - Company or organization going through a transformation. Organization change occurs when business strategies or major sections of an organization are altered. Also known as reorganization, restructuring and turnaround.

Change is here to stay.
Running against the change or riding with the change?

Be in the middle of a reorganization or restructuring isn’t funny at all.

Adjusting to new circumstances is a drain on your psychological energy.

Even if the changes don’t require more physical effort, there’s always more emotional labor involved. When the changes hit too fast, too hard, or go on too long, you suffer emotional fatigue.

I admit it, I found myself guilty of myths carried around during times of major change and organizational turbulence…

Myths like:

  • Top management seems to be losing control. I think they could wreck this place”,

  • The organization is keeping us in the dark on purpose”,

  • The only thing worse than bad news is all this uncertainty”,

  • It isn’t fair. You think of all the years people have worked hard for this outfit, and this is the thanks they get”

  • Well, all these changes weren’t my idea. It’s not my responsibility to make them work”

  • Top management cooked up this plan. Now we’ll see if they can pull it off”

  • If they would just ask us, we could tell them what’s needed”

Are you declaring yourself guilty too? And at the same time, do you see anything wrong with the above?

I don't.

What matters is that not only the organization should recognize that there is a need for answers but also that we, as individuals, should try and let go things, take some distance.

Here are a few answers that I could put my eyes on:

Unfortunately, while all the above brings some clarification or sense - somehow, I still felt that it was not good enough: Where were all these suggestions and advice that I could apply to be able to manage better "me and my expectations" if I didn’t want to hit burnout eventually?

In my next blog on Friday Oct. 28th, I will share with you what has worked for me to remain engaged and provide continued support to my organization during turbulent times.

Stay tuned!


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