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Create your vision step-by-step

Create your vision step-by-step

SKU: 2020-03-001

Having a great vision is a vital part of the equation for every company, product team, or start-up.

In this eGuide, we discuss the different aspects that explain why a vision is more than a business case, remove any confusion between vision and mission, and finally, help you creating your vision step by step.



María Albertina and Florence

  • File format

    This is a 19-page pdf eGuide. It includes instructions and templates to help you creating an inspiring vision.

    You will receive a link to download your Digital product in the Thank You page of the Checkout, along with an emailed link that will last for 30 days.

  • Description

    Every journey starts with a vision. The reason to design, create or change anything comes from your perspective. You start on your journey because you think that the world could be different, a problem could be solved, a product or service could be created.

    That is, in the core what vision is about! By understanding the direction you take and the values that are non-negotiable, you will save time wasted in fruitless discussions, and create more clarity, making it easier for team members to work towards a common goal.

  • Skills of Tomorrow

    We help you develop the ability to deliver value now and adapt to deliver it in the future! 

    We design and deliver online, face-to-face and blended training courses on the skills of tomorrow.

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